5 junio, 2018

Danielle + Alexander | Vídeo boda

Sometimes you meet really inspiring people that give you perspective. For us, meeting and getting to know these two lovebirds way of life really gives a sense of adventure and inspiration to live it to the max. We are very happy and proud to have participated in Danielle and Alexander’s special wedding. We filmed an authentic, lovely and amazing wedding in Sweden for the first time. They are truly inspirational human beings who are dedicated to live their lives true to what makes their heart sing. Their ceremony was really special, lots of tears and laughter too. They said the vows surrounded by their loved ones in the beautiful church. This is one of those weddings that made us grateful for doing this job. A happy loved up couple. There were plenty of smiles, a little nervous hand holding and lots of cheering when they were announced as husband and wife. Congratulations on your marriage Danielle and Alexander.